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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not confident about riding an eBike?

Don't worry, before your first hire we will give a one-on-one induction on how to ride, handle and look after the bike, including how to add the accessories you want such as child seats or rain covers.

How do I rent a bike?

There will be link from our Facebook page or website to our partner "Spokesafe" who will manage all the payments, deposits and refunds.
For your first hire you will need to register with Spokesafe, including uploading some photo ID and download their app. The order process will take a few minutes and following confirmation you will be given an access code that you will use to unlock the bike shelter to begin your hire.

Can I leave the bike at home when finished?

No. The rental is a return to base hire so you must return the bike back to the Bike Hub when you have finished. Your deposit is dependent on the safe return of the bike in good working order just as you found it.

What if the electric runs out?

The bike will able to travel about 20-30 miles (depending on the terrain), so you should plan your trip and make sure you have enough power to get back to base. If the power does run out, you can ride the bike just like any other bike, but they are heavy, and it will take considerable effort on your part.

How long can I rent a bike for?

The bike is a full day rental, for example collect at 7am and return by 6pm. Some leeway will be given to these times, but we ask that you try to keep to them.

What if I can't bring the bike back on time for some reason?

Your deposit is dependent on the prompt safe return of the bike in good working order just as you found it. If you are in any doubt, then call the "HELP" number in your hire pack to alert us of your situation and we will try to help resolve the bike arrangement.

What do I do if the bike breaks down, such as a puncture or chain comes off?

If such a breakdown occurs and you cannot fix yourself then call the "HELP" number in your hire pack. If possible, we will attend to help repair but please remember we are volunteers and may not be available for immediate roadside assistance. The Bike Hub is not responsible to get you home, you must be able to do this yourself. It is recommended that you have a plan for such an occurrence before you rent a bike.

How much will it cost to hire a bike?

The bike will cost £10 for the whole day, but you will agree to a £50 deposit only payable if you loose the bike keys, or wilfully damage the bike. 

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